Thickening- and Thixotropy Agents

Deuteron VT 855

For aqueous systems, such as dispersion paint, glue, dispersion plaster, water-dilutable lacquer, printing inks, silicate paint, aqueous pigment/filler preparations.

Especially well suited for the building and do-it-yourself sectors. Wherever high viscosity and pseudoplastic behavior is required but high-performance stirring devices, such as dissolvers, are not available.

In pigmented aqueous systems, such as dispersion paint and cast, the use of Deuteron VT 855 prevents a deposition of the pigments and fillers as well as a separation of the liquid phase during storage. The applicability of the coating materials is improved. The product is compatible with most of binding and thickening agents commonly used in the paint industry. When properly used, Deuteron VT 855 allows the preparation of highly viscous systems without technical help.

Information about Deuteron VT 855

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