Elefant mit Sand. Sinnbild für Matt Agent Mattierungsmittel

Matting agents

Gelbe Schlange. Sinnbild für Struktur- und Texturierungsmittel

Structuring agents

Rochen mit blauen Punkten. Sinnbild für Leitfähigkeitserhöher und Antistatikadditive

Conductivity agents

Nilpferd im Wasser. Sinnbild für Verdickungs- und Thixotropiemittel

Thickening- and Thixotropy Agents

Grünes Chamäleon. Sinnbild für Oberflächenadditive

Surface additives

Bienen auf einer Wabe. Sinnbild für Wachsadditive

Wax additives

Schmetterling auf Blättern. Sinnbild für kationische Photoinitiatoren

UV Initiators

Nasses Spinnennetz. Sinnbild für Dispergiermittel

Wetting and dispersing agents

Frosch im Wasser. Sinnbild für Entlüftungsmittel und Entschäumer

Air Release Agents and Defoamers

Additives for the paint, lacquer and coatings industry

Deuteron is one of the leading, international supplier of coating additives.

We support the paint, lacquer and coatings industry by supplying first-class products that you can rely on: i.e. matting agents, texturing agents or conductivity agents.

Because we develop our products so that they can be adapted to your individual needs. With more than 40 years of experience and exceptional know-how.

Find the coating additive for your special application

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For further information please get in touch with and we will assist you personally.

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Deuteron: presentation of our company

We serve our customers and partners with the highest degree of reliability and personal commitment, in a way that only an owner-managed company can provide. But at the same time with the skills and experience of an international company.

Get to know us better!

Deuteron-Gebäude von oben

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Coatings additives „made in Germany“ – available worldwide

Flexibility is important for us. Especially as a medium-sized company we can and want to react more flexibly to the wants and needs of our customers. Contact us and let us, if you need special packaging options, for example.