Thickening- and Thixotropy Agents

Deuteron VT819

The presence of Deuteron VT 819 prevents the settling of pigments/extenders and the separation of the liquid phases during the storage in aqueous systems such as emulsion paints and plasters. The applicability of the paints will be improved. Deuteron VT 819 is compatible with most binders and thickeners which are customary in the paint industry.

Deuteron VT 819 is fully soluble in water and mixtures of organic liquids with a water proportion of at least 60 %. The product has no tendency to form lumps. Solutions can be produced with a simple stirrer. The use of a high shear rate is not necessary. The product‘s easy solubility is only given when it is incorporated into systems with a pH-value ranging between neutral and alkaline.When the solution is prepared, its pH-value can be adjusted towards an acidic pH-value.

Aqueous primers, emulsions paints, adhesives, dispersion plasters, printing inks, silicate paints, aqueous preparations of pigments and fillers.

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