Thickening- and Thixotropy Agents

Deuteron XG

In aqueous systems, such as emulsion paints and plasters, the use of Deuteron XG prevents a deposition of the pigments and extenders as well as a separation of the liquid phase during storage. The applicability of the paints is improved. Deuteron XG is compatible with most binders and thickeners which are customary in the paint industry.

Deuteron XG is insoluble in most organic liquids. The product is fully soluble in water and mixtures of organic liquids with a water proportion of at least 60 %. Pre-wetting of Deuteron XG with glycols at a ratio of 1 : 1 accelerates the swelling- and dissolution process. Aqueous solutions of Deuteron XG show a high pseudoplasticity. High rate of shear lowers the viscosity. Reducing the shear rate increases viscosity again. Solutions of Deuteron XG are stable regarding the pH-value and temperature. There is almost no change in stability from pH 2 – 12. The temperature hardly has any influence on the viscosity of a preparation with Deuteron XG.

All aqueous systems, such as dispersion paints (emulsion paints) and adhesives, emulsion plasters, aqueous insulating primers, glues, slurries, water soluble lacquers and printing inks.

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