Customizing and service at Deuteron

A connection that you want

The goal is not to sell products – but to offer solutions. This is our credo at Deuteron. Our customers come to us because they have specific problems that cannot be solved without customization. We meet these requirements with extensive expertise as well as a curiosity about the possibilities that chemistry offers. Customizing is therefore essentially our modus operandi – if you need something special, we are your best connection.

Do you need one of our products with a different solvent? Do you need changed parameters for a common coating system? Does a new law require the adjustment of a chemical that you use? Our experts will look at what you need and do what is feasible. We do this because it is our passion. And because we have always taken the time to embark on new paths.

Customizing also means that you receive the requested tailored product in small batches without a sharp jump in prices. We create compounds that have the exact characteristics you require. We repackage our pallets if that helps your warehouse staff and deliver the products in an unusually short period of time. In a nutshell, we have individual solutions which advance your company.

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Technical Account Manager

Aleksander Bese

Technical Account Manager

Edmund Hess