Wetting and dispersing agents

Deuteron ND 953

Deuteron ND 953 helps to prevent the uncontrollable increase in viscosity which can arise in presence of certain pigments and fillers in heavily-filled aqueous systems. The required rheological properties of the paint or coating material can be obtained just through the character of the used binder or by addition of a suitable thickener.

The presence of Deuteron ND 953 improves the storage stability. Unwelcome thickening during storage will be avoided or limited.

Deuteron ND 953 is used in aqueous paints and coating materials, e.g. masonry paints, fillers, aqueous primers, water-based bituminous emulsions. The product is also suitable for use in water-based pigment preparations. It is most effective in presence of inorganic pigments and fillers.

Information about Deuteron ND 953

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