Wetting and dispersing agents

Deuteron ND 210

Deuteron ND 210 is a wetting agent with a cationic effect. It reduces the surface tension of organic solvents or binding agent solutions and thus supports the dispersion process, making it more cost-effective.

Deuteron ND 210 also allows a more economical use of pigments since both the hiding and the coloring powers largely depend on the dispersion conditions. The much-dreaded flooding and floating of pigments can be prevented with Deuteron ND 210.

Deuteron ND 210 is suitable for the production of pigmented coating materials based on oxidative and on physically drying binding agents. The wetting-promoting properties of Deuteron ND 210 are particularly advantageous for the production of highly filled systems, such as pigment paste. Likewise, the agent is also suitable for coating systems for which both of the above aspects are desirable.

Information about Deuteron ND 210

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