Matting agents

Deuteron MM 677

Deuteron MM 677 can be used as a matting agent in various aqueous coating systems. These can be lacquers based on acrylic dispersion, wood glazings, wood- and fur­niture lacquers, printing inks and industrial finishes (air-drying and stoving enamels).In comparison with powdery matting agents Deuteron MM 677 particularly offers the advantage of dust-free handling. The product can be easily incorporated by all common dispersing processes. When producing clear varnish, only a small rate of shear is required to incorporate Deuteron MM 677. This prevents forming of micro foam in the production batch. Even when Deuteron MM 677 is added to the mill base or the dispersion-medium, overmilling is practically impossible due to its excellent shear stability.The matting liquid is kept free of wetting agent and binder. Their presence usually limits the compatibility. Waxes or similar products are not included either. This allows for the use of Deuteron MM 677 in a wide field of applications. Deuteron MM 677 causes little cloudiness and is therefore also suitable for the use in clear varnishes.

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