Matting agents

Pergopak M3

Pergopak-matting agents are suitable as exclusive matting agents for water-borne, solvent-borne and solvent-free systems, air-drying as well as stoving. They can also be used in printing inks, wood lacquers, UV-curing coatings, coil-coatings, lacquers on foils, aqueous wood- and furniture varnishes.

The finer types are suitable where particularly thin dry films are applied or where very smooth surfaces have to be realized. The combination with inorganic matting agents is possible and leads to improved mechanical resistances. Scratch resistance and resistance against polishing will be increased.

Deuteron MK matting agents are micro-ground resp. micronized powders. The fineness enables Pergopak M-products to be used in a wide field of applications for producing satin-flat and satin-gloss coatings. The small binder demand of Pergopak M only leads to a nonessential viscosity influence, which is important for UV-curing lacquers. Deuteron MK is resistant against solvents and chemicals which are customary in the paint industry. These products can also be used in exterior applications. Adjustments to specific requirements can easily be made due to the different particle sizes, available.

Information about Pergopak M3

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