Conductivity agents

Deuteron LE 200

Deuteron LE 200 is an anti-static additive based on a novel esterquat. It is available as a 100% material in the form of a free-flowing gel. In contrast to anti-static additives based on TAA salts. Deuteron LE 200 has a significantly lower toxicity and is 100% biodegradable (according to OECD). The content of renewable raw materials is approx. 70%.

Compared to TAAS-based conductivity promoters. Deuteron LE 200 is not water soluble – this can prove advantageous in the case of wash-out effects.

Deuteron LE 200 can be used in polyurethane foams, casting resins, floor coatings or printing inks to impart anti-static effects.

Information about Deuteron LE 200

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