Conductivity agents

Deuteron LE 100LV

Because of its cationic character and the extremely high polarity of Deuteron LE 100 LV, the electrical resistance is reduced considerably – even when using small quantities.

Deuteron LE 100 LV is delivered with an active content of 100 %. The product is free of solvent and of low viscosity. It is characterized by ease of handling. Deuteron LE 100 LV can be processed at room temperature and below without melting or producing a master batch. That is why the product is particularly suitable for solvent free systems.

Deuteron LE 100 LV can be used (among others) in PUR-foams (production of shoe-soles), UV- or electron-beam curing screen inks to avoid electrostatic charge.

Information about Deuteron LE 100LV

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