Surface additives

Deuteron OG 8672

Deuteron OG 8672 is based on polymethyl urea resin as an effective substance. The resin shows excellent hardness and abrasion resistance. It is resistant to most customary solvents and shows a good resistance to temperatures of up to 200 °C. When used as an additive in solvent-based paint systems, Deuteron OG 8672 improves properties regarding slip and static friction and provides increased mechanical resistance. Compared with wax-based additives Deuteron OG 8672 does not spoil the recoatability. The small particle size also allows for its use in coating systems which are applied in low film thickness. Deuteron OG 867x can reduce the gloss when used as a surface additive. This can be desired for certain applications. The gloss reduction is dependant on the type of employed binder, the applied film thickness and the selected dosage.

Deuteron OG 8672 is designed for use in aqueous lacquers and in coatings which are applied in low film thickness. Due to the good weather resistance and color fastness of the used polymer the product can also be used in coating systems for exterior applications. This additive is the alternative to wax-dispersions with their well-known typical side-effects.

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