Structuring agents

Deuteron ST-L

Deuteron ST texturing agents can be used in both solvent-based and water-based coating systems. Potential applications include coil-coating systems and coatings for plastic surfaces. Deuteron ST-x can be used to customize the haptical and optical surface properties. They can also be used as a functional additive to reduce the coefficient of sliding friction.

Deuteron ST texturing agents are powders. They give coatings a surface texture. The nature and degree of texturing depends on the applied film thickness and the ratio of texturing agent to binder.

The texturing agents have different particle size distributions. The coarser grade induces more intense texturing with good maintenance of gloss. The finer grade gives finer texturing. Depending on the specific formulation this can lead to a reduction in the degree of gloss. The coarser fractions are responsible for the texturing, whilst the finer particles can lead to matting.

Information about Deuteron ST-L

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