Novel, water-based and additive free wax dispersion

With the introduction of our new additive-free wax dispersions, Deuteron offers a novel product family for water-based coatings without the risk of contamination with surface-active substances such as defoamers, dispersing additives or emulsifiers.

The new Deuteron WD product family comprises four different dispersions based on amide wax, oxidised polyethylene, polyethylene and PTFE modified PE. These four products provide paint formulators with a comprehensive toolbox of additives for the targeted modification of surface properties.

Deuteron WD A – wax type: amide; leads to improved sandability, soft-feel, “anfeuerung” or wood grain enhancement and “meat-release”.

Deuteron WD OPE – wax type: oxidized PE; leads to good matting, pleasant feel, anti-blocking and high abrasion resistance.

Deuteron WD PEwax type: PE; leads to well-balanced properties with scratch and abrasion resistance, matting and smoothness.

Deuteron WD TFwax type: PTFE modified PE; leads to high smoothness (low COF), scratch resistance, anti-blocking and metal-marking resistance