Air Release Agents and Defoamers

Deuteron ES 222

Deuteron ES 222 is a surface active additive. Its presence in a mixture of unsaturated polyester resin/reactive-solvent (styrene) helps in re­moving air-bubbles. This applies in particular after mixing resin and curing agent. Technologically useful is the improved wetting of the substrate, thus making it easier to release air bubbles from the substrate’s surface.

Because of the above mentioned properties Deuteron ES 222 is an effective wetting and air release agent in particular for laminating resins based on unsaturated polyester. The product is very suitable in laminating resins where excellent adhesion of polyester resins and glass fiber is required. Deuteron ES 222 is also very suitable as an air release agent in other systems based on unsaturated polyester resins.

Information about Deuteron ES 222

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