Surface additives

Deuteron OG 8807

Deuteron OG 8807 is based on polymethyl urea resin (PMU) as the active ingredient. Features of the duroplastic active ingredient are its high hardness and abrasion resistance. It is resistant to most standard solvents used in coatings and has good thermal stability of over 200°C. When used as an additive in radically curing coatings systems, Deuteron OG 8807 improves the static and dynamic friction of the coatings and provides improved mechanical resistance. Compared to wax-based additives, Deuteron OG 8807 does not adversely affect the recoatability recoated. The very fine solid particles (PMU) allows the products to be used in coating systems that are applied as extremely thin films. The gloss reduction is dependant on the type of employed binder, the applied film thickness and the selected dosage. Therefore the reduction in gloss that can be achieved with Deuteron OG 880x can be customised to realise a variety of surface protection and matting objectives.

Deuteron OG 8807 is intended for use in radiation curing coatings and printing inks. They are particularly recommended for use in systems which require a thin film thickness, e.g. printing inks and overprinting lacquers. The use of Deuteron OG 8807 can substantially improve coatings (ranging from silky sheen to matt) which contain silicic acid as a matting agent and possess inadequate surface resistance.

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